Maximizing Return on News™️

I took the deal.

A few sips into a Miller Lite he launched in: “The great PR person is 50 percent marketer and 50 percent editor. Obviously, your clients are paying you; so you need to have the acumen to understand their business and their business objectives. That’s marketing — and it’s not my problem. But making great PR happen means a guy like me eventually has to come into the picture. Since I spend my day chasing everyone from CEOs to cops around, I don’t care how many magic gumballs your client wants to sell to college graduates in Manhattan. You will only make me care by translating these magic gumballs into news, something my editors and — more importantly — my readers care about and will talk about. The payoff for your client is that…if you can make me care, what I write will probably make customers care.”


News means excitement. News means urgency. News drives conversation. News prompts action. News means right now. In an environment where brands struggle to break through an increasingly fragmented and changing media landscape, the importance and impact of creating news has never been more important.

We have built our business on News…

Not long ago a wonderful global airline we represent wanted to force reconsideration of their inflight product. The passenger experience was great and they weren’t quite getting the credit they deserved. After several meetings with their marketing team, we recommended they create a temporary restaurant that only served the food and drinks the airline offered on its flights.



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