Megan Wolborsky played in numerous college showcases in her home state impressing many scouts searching for elite talent

Coordinating Hits on the Field and in the Office

By Megan Wolborsky, Account Coordinator

For 12 years, softball was my entire world. As an avid young athlete, I clocked in more hours on the diamond bettering myself in my sport than I did in the classroom. Softball was not something I pursued because I was skilled or because it was a potential ticket to college. It was my passion and drive and something that taught me many lessons that apply to my personal and professional life. This was my platform to push myself mentally and physically and mold me into who I am today.

Those who have known me since my high school and college “glory days” on the field understand how much my travel softball team has impacted my life. My coaches and teammates came from many different backgrounds across North Carolina. Spending such a significant amount of time with a group of people can be challenging but rewarding. I would have three to six hours of practice after a full day of school as well as spend most of my weekends traveling to showcase skills to college scouts. Looking back on these days, I cherish every second and that is because of the quality of people that surrounded me.

When I parted ways with the game of softball, I struggled finding my drive again. Deep down, I knew I was a passionate hard-worker and a go-getter. The young athlete who strives to continuously grow and succeed would return someday. To rediscover this drive, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone — something my parents and coaches taught me not to fear. At 20 years old, I trusted my gut and moved to New York City from Raleigh, North Carolina. This may have seemed like a standard school transfer to some people, but internally, I knew this was something I wanted to do to rediscover myself and my passions. This rediscovery of my drive and passion really came full circle when I stepped into the doors of DKC and immersed myself on a career path that finally, excited and pushed me.

I quickly learned many things about work culture. To be successful in Public Relations, you must work hard, have drive and passion, be strategic, and simply be proactive.

Being surrounded by such knowledgeable and welcoming people who show they want to help me succeed inspires me. I never find myself afraid to ask questions or express my passions.

I never thought I would find my way back to the softball fields. For years, I felt like I went through a breakup with the game I spent my entire life loving. I knew when I was told my very first day that DKC had a softball team, I was in the right place. My professional goals and personal passions were finally feeling complete.

Megan at first base during her college showcase tournament with Carolina S.W.A.T. in Rock Hill, South Carolina

With DKC’s fall softball season now in full swing, I feel the same excitement I felt in high school and college knowing that every week, I have the opportunity to be back on the field. It has been a place that always brought out the best version of myself and makes me feel right at home. My love for the game of softball has never wavered, no matter how long I have spent away it.

Something in my heart knew that when I stepped off the field “for the last time” years ago, that this was not the last time I would be involved with the game that I love more than anything.

The softball team at DKC is made up of talent at all levels and in various departments — Sports, Media Tech, HR, Fashion, Lifestyle, Public Affairs and more. Having the opportunity to interact and establish relationships with those outside of my everyday work has given me an entirely new perspective of the agency. I am not just on a team for an account, or a part of the Media Tech division. DKC is one big team and that is what is so special about the culture.

I often find myself connecting the things I have taken away from the game of softball over the past twelve years to both my adult personal and professional life. Softball gave me a platform to be a leader and although I may only be an Account Coordinator at this point, I find myself not afraid to step up to the plate and take the initiative and be a clutch player with “hits” for client accounts, like Etsy, Grubhub, KIDBOX and OpenTable.

When you enjoy what you do and the people around you, the time you clock in at work is irrelevant. Step out of your comfort zone and the intensive world of strategic communication. Join a sports team or a club that you find intriguing. Go to that workshop that sounds intriguing, even if that means you are going to have to spend an extra hour working late. Take advantage of being in a place that wants you to not only grow and succeed as an employee, but as a person.

Megan (middle row, on far left) and DKC’s softball team following their playoff game in August

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