Beating the Sunday Scaries from DKC’s Very Own Wellness Committee

4 min readMay 21, 2023

May is Mental Health Month! For this month’s DKC Voices we asked our DKC Wellness Committee for tips and tricks on how they beat their very own Sunday scaries!

Jasmin Ramsey, Account Supervisor

As someone who experiences Sunday Scaries, I’ve found a few things that work for me. One of my go-to methods is taking a morning walk to clear my head and set a positive tone for the day. It’s a great way to get some exercise, soak up some sunshine, and prepare for whatever the day may bring. Another way I like to beat the Sunday Scaries is by spending time with my family. They’re a huge source of support for me, and just being around them helps me feel grounded and centered. Whether we’re going out for brunch or just hanging out at home, it’s always a great way to end the week. Overall, I’ve found that staying lowkey on Sundays and focusing on the things that are most important to me is the best way to keep sane!

Danielle Tarabay, Account Coordinator

I avoid the Sunday Scaries (to the best of my ability) by taking the time to get set up for the week ahead, so it’s not a scramble later on. Choosing my outfits for in-office days, packing my bag, and tidying up my room are usually my starting points — I like to keep my windows open for fresh air and natural light while I clean and declutter, which for me, is a source of anxiety relief in itself. Ending the day with a long hygiene + self-care routine, topped off with a cup of herbal tea, burning some incense, and cozying up with a book ties everything together to help me be rested and ready for Monday!

Ariana Hernandez, Account Executive

I have shifted my mindset to think Sundays are a restful, refreshing day. To do that, I have added steps in my day that make me feel relaxed and reflective of the week to come, hyping myself up to have a good week. I start my day off by stretching and going for a walk. Then, I make myself my favorite breakfast and chill (chill aka smoke some weed and drink tea). Next, I typically listen to music and clean my room to give me the ‘clean slate’ mindset. The rest of the day usually varies, but it involves surrounding myself with things that make me happy, relaxed, and content.

Nichole Rondon, Senior Account Executive

To avoid the Sunday Scaries, I listen to my favorite podcast “Sunday Scaries” hosted by Headspace meditation and mindfulness teacher, Dora Kamau. The mini-meditation podcast encourages me to get ready for the week instead of rushing headfirst into Monday. In each episode, Dora helps listeners reframe their thinking about Sunday Scaries and leads listeners through a guided meditation to put those thoughts into action.

Jennifer Valentin, Account Supervisor

To avoid the Sunday Scaries, I like to binge on my favorite YouTube channels. One of my favorite categories of content on YouTube are vlogs, whether they are day-in-the-life vlogs, weekly vlogs or travel vlogs. There is something very relaxing and comforting to see other regular people live their daily lives, do chores and deal with stress like everyone else. I also love to see people on vacation and Faith-based videos, as they help me stay grounded and keep me focused and optimistic for the week ahead.




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